Vaishnav Innerfaith Purshimargiya Organization VIPO provides numerous volunteering opportunities for both short-term and long-term periods.

Skill-based Volunteering
  • Social Media - Spreading HDH Goswami 108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Maharajshree’s message and building awareness through social media.
  • IT - Php developers, network administrators, engineers with expertise in ERP.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Video Editing - creating new videos for You Tube and blogs.
  • Proof Reading/Editing - For the English, Gujarati, and Hindi publications.
  • Programs for Full Time VIPO Volunteers - In MS Office, Tally, spoken English, task management, etc.
V-pay Program Volunteering
  • Packaging Grocery Kit.
  • Distribution of Grocery kit.
  • Office work (Form Filling) .
  • Calling Beneficiaries for collecting Kits.
  • Haveli Seva.

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