VIPO Vision

To promote development of socio-cultural, religious values and understanding to spread love, knowledge and positivity expressed through loving selfless service/ Seva. To promote and share Pushtimargiya related cultural and religious interchanges and co-operation among Vaishnavs and Hindus at large in North America. To promote a platform where young through old can come together to spread love, knowledge and positivity through loving selfless service/Seva. To promote and assist charitable service activities in North America and globally for the upliftment of others irrespective of age, color, caste, national origin, gender, religion or socio-economic status. To develop and promote Pushtimargiya religious and cultural education programs for all age groups. To develop spiritual and religious courses and lectures , organize camps, cultural activities, building self esteem and self-improvement programs.

VIPO Mission

Vaishnav Innerfaith Pushtimargiya Organization (VIPO) endeavors to unite Vaishnavs globally with a collective goal to play a positive role in the world for the upliftment of all irrespective of color, caste, national identity, gender, age, religion or socio-economic status, by developing social, religious, spiritual and cultural values to spread love, knowledge, and positivity through loving selfless service- "Seva."