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"Para Brahma" - Lord Shri Krishna

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Goswami 108 Shree Sharnamkumarji Mahodayshree.

Today, in the 21st century, we live in an era of rapidly evolving knowledge, technology creativity and development. owever, the wisdom of the ages which teaches us how to connect spiritually with the divine has remained constant and immutable. In our Pushti Bhakti Marg/ Path of Grace, our Guru, Shrimad Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji has shown us a very simple and practical approach to connect with God in our daily lives. Shrimad Mahaprabhuji simply instructs us to surrender completely and focus on the devotion and love of God. In "Shri Sarvottam Stotra" which is a treatise written in praise of Shri Vallabh, by Shri Gusainji Prabhucharan, the second son of Shrimad Mahaprabhuji; he complements Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji with the name "Daivoddhar- prayatnatma" meaning the one who is actively committed for the elevation of spiritual souls that are beloved of Lord Shri Krishna/ Shri Thakorji.

Bhagvan Shri Krishna is "Para Brahma", the supreme ultimate reality, from whom jad (inanimate objects) , jeev (creatures) and chaitanya (spiritual consciousness) emanates. This world is nothing more than a remodeled manifestation of Lord Shri Krishna himself. He is the one that dictates the duties of other Gods and Goddesses. In the Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta, Bhagvan Shri Krishna himself states that He is the one who gives power to Brahma for creation, He is the one who provides strength to Vishnu to maintain and operate and He is the one who gives authority to Shiva for destruction. He was present before the creation of the universe, he will witness the annihalation (Pralaya) and again will re-create the formation of the universe. He tells Arjun in the Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta: " I am the creator and the destroyer and there is nothing higher than me O Arjun!" Bhagvan has made the universe his adventurous playing eld, and all Gods, Godesses, humans, animals, insects and inanimate objects are his toys with which He plays. Even Gods and Godesses like Shiva, Ganesh, Durga also worship Bhagvan Shri Krishna as their controller.

Shri Mahaprabhuji in one of his famous writings "Siddhant Muktavali" states "Parabrahma tu Krushnauhi" – which means Shri Krishna the supreme Brahma is considered the greatest of all and therefore Shrimad Mahaprabhuji guides us to surrender to the ultimate Supreme reality- through the path we know as Pushti Marg.

"Para Brahma", Lord Shri Krishna How do we connect to Par Brahma Lord Shri Krishna in this fast paced modern world based on the guiding principles of our Guru, Shrimad Mahaprabhuji? As mentioned earlier we must rst surrender to him completely and have faith in him. Our gurus Shrimad Mahaprabhuji and Shri Gusainji direct us simply to perform Seva or seless service which permeates our life with positivity and elevates it. But today, most of us do not have time to perform the traditional ritual of "asthyam seva" as proposed in Pushtimarg. Fortunately, our gurus were visionaries for they understood that many of us would not have enough time to perform seva in the traditional way; therefore they provided us with many variations and options to serve Lord Shri Krishna.

Here is a practical tip that one can start with to connect with the Lord daily: Every morning, we should set aside a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes to connect with God. Upon awakening, do darshan of Lord Shri Krishna. Make sure you have a photo by your bedside table or hanging in your room. Join your hands together and chant the following mantra: "Vasudevasutam devam, Kansa Chanur mardhanam, Devaki parmanandamam, Krushnam vande jagadgurum." ( I worship Lord Shri Krishna, Who is the master of the universe, Who is Vasudev's son, Who destroyed Kansa and Chanur and Who is Devaki's bliss.) This mantra is in praise of Lord Shri Krishna. By reciting this mantra, you are giving thanks to God for waking you up. Starting your morning with gratitude sets a positive tone for the day. Then close your eyes, breathe deeply and recite the mantra: "Krishna Tavasmi" (I am Yours) or "Shri Krishna Sharnam mama"

(Lord Shri Krishna is my refuge) to all your mind, body and soul with positive energy. Young children can start with reciting the mantra 11 times and slowly increase to 5- 10 minutes as age and time permits. This powerful process of meditation, breathing and rection will energize your mind, body and spirit with positive vibrations which will infuence your thoughts and actions throughout the day; and in turn will impact not only you, but also the world around you! Living life called with positivity is also a form of seva!

I strongly recommend that you implement this tip daily. Start slowly and work up to 10 minutes. Do let me know how this small step has transformed you.

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