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Lessons From Hinduism & Pushtimarg On Fighting Corona Virus

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Goswami 108 Shree Ashraykumarji Mahodayshree.

As Corona virus ravages the Earth, there is still one fighting power that scientists haven't tapped into and that is the power of devotion. Although we should not ignore the science and the leaders of our nations, we can still use the ancient wisdom of Hinduism to help guide us through these dark times. The power of love and devotion has the potential to heal the whole world.

Have Faith in God

One of the key lessons of Pushtimarg is that the world and everything within it is perfect exactly the way that it is now. Everything in this world contains the spirit of the Lord and because the Lord is eternally perfect then everything in this world is also perfect. The world itself should be treated as Sri Krishna's creation and is as real as Krishna himself.

According to the beliefs of Pushtimarg, everything is under the control of Krishna. So, although things may seem bad and out of control, remember that this is all part of Krishna's plan and every person and living being contains his essence. Surrender control and have faith in the Lord to guide us out of these times of darkness and uncertainty.

By placing your full faith in Krishna, it will relieve you of the stress and pressure of this virus. As a servant/sevak of God, you must remember that he will always be there for you and you must simply continue walking down your devotional path. Krishna will protect us all.

If you practice Hinduism and are not a devotee of Krishna, then you can also apply this same logic to any deity that you feel most connected to. The ultimate goal is to just remember that there is a greater power than us and we must surrender to God and have faith that he will protect us no matter what.

Practice Seva

Practicing daily Seva will keep you centered on the path towards Krishna. According to the practices of Pushtimarg, the primary practice of Seva you should practice is to perform selfless service to Krishna through daily worship and offerings. As written in the Bhagavadgītā as it is:

"When there is an epidemic disease, an antiseptic vaccine protects a person from the attack of such an epidemic. Similarly, food offered to Lord Visnu and then taken by us makes us sufficiently resistant to material affection, and one who is accustomed to this practice is called a devotee of the Lord. Therefore, who eats only food offered to Shri Prabhu, can counteract all reactions of past material infections, which are impediments to the progress of self-realization."

Through devotion and offerings to Sri Krishna, it can protect us from material infections and keep us centered on the path towards liberation. Eating food or prasad offered to Sri Krishna has a profoundly purifying internal effect for your body, mind, and soul.

According to Hinduism, Seva also manifests in these times through devotional service towards others. Remember that each person in this world contains the essence of Krishna, so by helping those less fortunate it also is a form of offering to Krishna himself. In these times of lockdown, there are thousands of people without food and shelter who are in need so if you can try to offer them even some small assistance this has the power to have a ripple effect throughout this world. It is our moral duty as human beings to help and support each other so that we can push through these dark times and come out stronger than ever before.

The Power of Kirtan

Another highly purifying and powerful form of Seva according to Pushtimarg is to practice daily Kirtan. Chanting the names of the Lord will not only purify your mind, heart, and soul, but this energy of chanting has the potential to purify others as well. The core of Pushtimarg is to develop spontaneous and selfless love for Krishna and practicing Kirtan can develop this love within you at a higher and higher level. Again, if you practice Hinduism and are not a devotee of Krishna, then you can chant the name of any deity that you feel most connected to. This mantra chanting is a powerful form of meditation and can create a ripple of positive energy no matter what deity's name is being chanted.

Build Spiritual Associations

As we move into isolation through the coronavirus lockdown, technology has allowed us to remain connected with others despite this. There are now many ways to increase association with other devotees to keep you centered on your spiritual path. Try joining spiritual WhatsApp groups, following the Facebook pages of other devotees, or creating a Skype/Zoom chanting group. The gift of technology has allowed us to stay connected and associated spiritually with others while still protecting our physical health. Stay Physically Healthy with Yoga and Ayurveda

One of the greatest gifts of Hinduism is the healing power of yoga and Ayurveda. As this disease spreads around the world, daily yoga practice can keep you physically healthy to protect you from disease. To boost your immunity even further, try to take Ayurvedic remedies as well. Even the Indian government is recommending Ayurveda for treatment of coronavirus and there are limited side-effects to this traditional medicinal practice. Summary

The power of Hinduism and spirituality to fight coronavirus cannot be ignored. As we elevate our mental and spiritual energies higher through devotion to the Lord, it not only purifies our own hearts and minds, but this purification has the potential to spread worldwide. So, remember that Krishna is the ultimate protector and put all of your love and faith in him to guide us through this darkness and back into the light.

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