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Pujya Shri Sharnam Kumarji Mahodayshri

“ We exchange the ideas with words, skip that debate and start the communication.”
Communication in its simplest sense, is a relationship in which two or more people c o m e together to share , t o dialogue, to commune, to interact.It is a conservation in which information or ideas are shared. It might be with people or with oneself. It comprises of actions, gestures, and thoughts arising behind it.
The thoughts we communicate or the words we use to communicate in our conversation are of great importance. It is crucial to express the thoughts that arise in one's own mind and it is natural to reject or challenge the others desire and express yourself without accepting or rejecting the thoughts of others. It seems very logical to present, only what is in your mind.
Communication is not just an act or a process but it is a cultural togetherness. Communication can be with oneself, with God, with nature: There are many forms of communication.
Just as a yogi who has chosen the path of penance contemplates and gets the answers to those questions within himself, subsequently establishes himself in truth. But have we ever tried to communicate with ourselves ?
Dialogue / Communication with oneself also means to sit in solitude, when we allow our thoughts to wonder and we become a witness to them or when the thoughts become void (Nil) then we are able to communicate with ourselves.
We have many more people to talk to, but taking a few moments to talk with ourself is also very important knowing our problems by ourself, finding solution for them and according to that acting in our life. Thinking in our mind, how to overcome our concern about that question, how to overcome it ourself and you can find the path of our life.
That path or route is not very difficult, that path is of karma yoga.Just as Lord Krishna told Arjuna “Leave sadness and do your deeds we have some ...... From birth we are bound by karma in every aspect of our lives and in those actions we often face many hurdles and challenges.
There are speed breakers, there are hurdles and to cross them sometimes we need patience sometimes we need solutions and for that we need to communicate with ourselves.
Every problem has a solution we just need to find it. It might be somewhere in the nature or it might be within you.But for that you need to go though the process of communication. Communication is a fact in the world of living creatures it is an ever continuing process which never stops and it is going on everywhere. It is as basic as the hunger for food or to drink.
Communication is so important in our life that it is also a fundamental reason in our life as people without communicating, without talking to anyone, without discussing, revealing their thoughts many people find them selves to be unhappy and discontented.
In our Indian tradition, the scriptures say that the world “OM”, which is the word “Brahma” is the first word that was heard or understood, which was the sound of “OM” in the universe, even before the creation of this universe, that was the sound fo “OM” which we called the word “Bhrahma”.
In this environment, whether it is a human animal or tree, they are all communicating in some fashion.
Before the evolution of mankind the lower species like animals they used to communicate through the sensory communication for securing their physical and biological needs, for finding food, for reproduction to secure their lives. They communicated through their sense. But that was not enough for humans. There are many good examples for the sensory communication by animals or the creatures.
The dance of a bee represents the idea that how the dance shows the way or the distance and the directions where the nectar will be found. It communicates with the other bees through the dance communicating to the other bees as to where to go and how far to go. However this form of sensory communication was not enough for humans, something more was needed for mankind and so the symbols came into existence.
In the caves, we can see how symbols were used as language to communicate. In Egypt there are hieroglyphs which are still present today in the Pyramids and other historic monuments which are ancient writing system of communication. If we go in Ajanta Ellora Caves in India, we see the cave paintings, even that is a language that is a symbolic language. So from the symbols came the language from the language came the culture then it started coming in print form, so the communication, was not only in written form, but also happens by obser vation and listening. And without hearing and without speaking thoughts are still going on in our mind.
Our thoughts which have no control, they can be rapid, new innovative ideas (thoughts) are appearing all the time.
Mankind has evolved through years, through centuries and these changes are evident without remotions and observations (what we see).
There are languages which are getting lost with time and it is our responsibility to save them to preserve our Indian philosophy and culture.In order to save our languages. We have to communicate with them.
This communication is a very large concept as there are so many methods of communication. At some point in the communication someone is asking the questions and others are responding. Someone is listening to something to calm his curiosity whether it be Arjuna and Shri Krishna or Dhritarashtra and Sanjay or Parikshit and Sukhdevji Maharaj. In the
Mahabharat, Dhritarashtra, the blind king is expressing his curiosity by asking a question to Sanjay: “what is happening in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, in “Dharma Bhoomi”? Sanjay is watching the events unfolding and communicating it to Dhritarashtra as he observes it. He is only presenting the reality.
Dritrashtra is not only blind through eyes but also with his thoughts. However, Sanjay has the wisdom to see what the king cannot.
Whatever is going on in the battle field of Kuruk shetra is communicated throughly. Sanjay informs Dritarashtra that he sees Arjuna on the battlefield on one side, deep in sadness, standing close to Lord Krishna and asking how could he fight in this war. His mind is in deep sorrow and to help him overcome the despair, Shri Krishna ignites the lamp of knowledge. Now this is also a form of communication. Secondly Sanjay and Dritrashtra are also communicating.
In order to receive salvation Raja Parikshit also sat for yagna for one week by listening to Sukdevji Maharaj. Sukdevji showed the path of devotion to Lord Shri Krishna to relieve him from the bondage of this birth and grant salvation to King Parikshit.
Sowe can still communicate in similar manner today. W e communicate with our friends.One friend has a question and the other friend tries to answer it. The dialogue also takes place between the disciple and the guru.
And this characteristic in the tradition of this devotional path of Pushtimarg is that the relationship between the guru and the disciple is so personal. Here they pay attention to the guru's teachings and the guru chooses each one and give them their mantra from the scriptures. They teach as well as initiate only by sitting in nature and listening to stories and discourse, and devotion can be established this manner. Of course it is impossible to walk on the spiritual path alone, therefore you have to come to guru and sit at his feet and obtain that knowledge from him.
The Conversation between a son and a mother begins in the womb. So like this communication permeates every particle of the universe.This dialogue is a way to reach that brahma. This dialogue with brahma is also a communication so this communication is going on every moment.The name of that god in our lives should remain on our tongue at every moment.Also in our communication there should be his name only which is present in every particle.
Rana Vyas, who lived is Godhra is well known in scriptures by everyone.And he thought that by going to Kashi he would debate with the pandits. But there he lost in the debate. He thought what kind of life is this, in which, I lose with children in debate. His arrogance of wisdom broke and he thought to go to the Ganga river and give up his life. There he meet Shri Vallabh (guru). The guru explained the purpose of human life and opened the sight of Rana Vyas by his divine guidance by communicating about moksha, dharma and connecting him in a relationship with which he become one with brahma.
There are many examples of such communication that inspires us. From these examples, let us learn to look inward and find our self with divine guidance of communication.
- Pujya Shri Sharnam Kumarji Mahodayshri

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