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Goswami 108 Shri AashrayKumarji Mahodayshri

Sri Krishna is the all-powerful Lord of the Universe, but He can also become your close friend and spiritual companion. By connecting with Krishna and bringing Krishna into your life through Pushtimarg, you can live a happier and more meaningful life as well. Particularly with the celebration of Janmashtami, Krishna's birthday on August 11th, 2020, it is important to celebrate this relationship and deepen your connection with the true friend of Krishna. So, see below for the top 4 ways that Krishna can guide you and help you to live a better life!

1. Gives Meaning to Your Life

Cultivating a relationship with Krishna can give your life greater meaning, depth, and purpose. When we are part of the material world, then we can often become lost in the attraction of desire and material objects. But at the core, these connections do not give our lives meaning. By creating a relationship with Krishna instead and focusing your consciousness on spiritual practice, you can live a more meaningful existence and bring greater joy into your life.

2.Guides You on Fulfilling Your Purpose

Sri Krishna also serves as a wonderful guide for happiness and fulfillment in your life. By following the guidance and wisdom of the true friend Krishna, you can align your inner being with your higher purpose and dedicate your life to something greater than yourself. Many people in the world are focused on material and superficial goals. But Krishna brings a higher purpose to your existence, and you can dedicate yourself to his service instead of a material purpose.

3. Brings Joy and Happiness to Your Heart

Creating a relationship with Krishna naturally brings happiness and joy into your heart and mind. Particularly when you practice spiritual activities such as kirtan and seva, this connects you with the potent spiritual energy of Krishna and revitalizes your soul. Simply by focusing your mind on Krishna, it will automatically shift your mind into a more in-depth spiritual awareness and connect you with something greater than yourself.

4. Connects You with Likeminded People

Connecting with Krishna and being part of communities like Pushtimarg Groups can connect you with other likeminded people who have similar higher goals in life. When you surround yourself with other spiritual people, then this can connect you with more peace, joy, and happiness as well. Additionally, by becoming part of a spiritual community, you can stay more focused on your spiritual path and progress much faster.


Fostering a relationship with the true friend Krishna can provide innumerable benefits to your life and can promote greater joy and happiness overall. There are many ways to connect with Krishna in your life, and you can also connect with other incarnations of Krishna, such as Shrinathji. A great way to connect with Krishna is to utilize the potent time of Janmashtami this year. To use this time well, try focusing your mind on Krishna through japa, seva, kirtan, and spiritual association as much as you can, the benefits you will get from this experience will be innumerable!

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