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Goswami 108 Shree Aashraykumarji Mahodayshree.

JAGAT GURU SHRI VALLABHACHARYAJI MAHAPRABHUJI always believed in the concept of VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM. The world is one family.

  • Let's work together for peace
  • The only religion humanity

I do not believe that there are many gods, like Muslim God, Hindu God, Christian God. I believe God is one and there are different paths to and him or believe him. I am proud to be in a culture where we say that whole world is a family, we all are one. Today here we have thousands of people from all Religions/Faiths around the world or even on religions. This shows our unity, love and belongingness for each other. But being a human you should always serve humanity - respect and love all.

My Father once said to me, First you live in this world called earth, then you are a human being, then you belong to a country (Indian, American, Chinese) Then you belong to a religious group ( Hindu, Christian, Muslim etc.).

So rstly it's our responsibility to take care of our nature/environment, then we are humans so learn the values of sharing n caring. Then you are a citizen of a particular country and then you belong to religious group.

  • So never forget nature it shapes you.
  • Never forget you humanity it accepts you.
  • Never forget your country it builds you.
  • Never forget your religion/faith it educates you, teaches you the true values of life.

Every religion plays role in building this nation a better place to live. Religions have many charity activities which help the unprivileged persons to have the facility of better living in this fast growing world.

  • Provide educational services
  • Provides medical services
  • Provides daily food to all
  • Gives a protection to nurture and grow.
  • Encourages environmental precautions Focuses on animal protection etc.

As Vaishnavs, we should always remember these important principles and practice them, so we are not only serving humanity but also Shree Thakorji.

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